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  • Akshara Santoshkumar


A Flaw is defined as an “imperfection or weakness and especially one that detracts from the whole or hinders effectiveness.”

Nowadays, I feel like people have taken this definition way too literally.

The word flaw is entirely subjective. What one person believes is a flaw isn’t what another person believes. If you look at the evolution of the ideal body type it has changed exponentially over the years. In ancient Egypt, the ideal body type was slender, with narrow shoulders, a high waist, and a symmetrical face. In contrast, in Victorian England, beautiful women were described as desirably plump, full-figured, and with a cinched waist.

These various characteristics that people have perceived as desirable can change in an instant and can be a flaw later. These trends are always evolving based on the culture of the society or region that you are in, proving the duality of trends and supposed flaws from era to era.

Today, what people believe are flaws can be attributed to the internet and apps such as Instagram. People try to copy what they see online because they believe that by looking like their favorite influencer or celebrity they would remove all of their imperfections. In reality, it has adverse effects because no one can be an exact copy of someone else.

The internet has created a culture that you need to fix all of your imperfections. Entire companies that generate millions of dollars in revenue have been created solely dedicated to helping people “better themselves.” In reality, all that they do is tear people's self-confidence and lower their self-esteem.

What people think are their flaws are only a matter of perspective. It all depends on the way you look at these characteristics. Only you have the power to realize that your flaws don't detract from yourself, rather they enhance your personality.

If everyone looked and talked the same life would be boring. It is only due to our flaws we can develop different perspectives on life and can foster positive discussion and learn from one another.

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