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  • Belle Tan

Four Small Activities To Help You Calm Down

Everything around us passes by quickly, and to keep up we try to move fast too. We try to be as efficient as possible by making sure that everything is complete and done. However, sometimes we can find ourselves overwhelmed. This can begin to weigh heavy on our minds and spirits. For me, this can often lead to overthinking, which makes me even more tense. Whenever we feel this pressure, we should find activities that can help us minimize these intense sensations, so we can go about our day with a clearer mind and one that is less heavy. Here are four small activities that I hope can help you calm down.

1. Light A Scented Candle

When I am stressed or overwhelmed, oftentimes, I find that I need to create a space so that I can calm down my nerves. One way that I can achieve this is by lighting a scented candle while I am either working, doing word search, journaling, or watching a movie. As the scent of white tea fills the room, I feel like I am transported into a zen space. Suddenly, all the pressure that I once felt is lifted off my shoulders. I can enjoy the work or even the hobbies that I am doing and be present. For a period of time, I don’t feel as if I am rushing against time. More importantly, the ambiance that I create in the room allows me to remember that I am going to be okay, and to recognize that I am overthinking the thoughts that I currently have at that moment.

2. Read A Book

Another great way for me to escape my thoughts, and to keep me from overthinking, is to read a book. When I read fiction books, I often forget about the world around me. As I immerse myself in a world of romance, fantasy, science fiction, or murder mysteries, to name a few, for a couple of hours or so, I am able to delve into this interesting world and learn more about each of these individual characters, as well as their lives. While I am reading about the issues that are occurring in the novel, I forget the stresses that I have, and enjoy the plot that is unfolding before my eyes. On top of that, when I reflect upon the themes of the novel, whether they are simple and complex, I am able to learn various lessons as well as try to understand how it relates to the world.

3. Brain Games

When I was in grade school, at one point, I remember doing word search puzzles. Recently, I got back into that old hobby, even finding the unfinished word search booklet I used back then in one of our bookshelves. Some days, I set aside time, usually an hour, to do a couple of puzzles or maybe even one or two puzzles. Most of the time, I don’t spend an hour or work on just one puzzle. I work on two or more puzzles and even come back to it after I am done, at times. Needless to say, sometimes I find it difficult to put my highlighter and book down when I immerse myself into the puzzles. When I finish the puzzles, I smile and am proud that I have accomplished something. If I stress over trying to find a new word, I stop, and take a few minutes to recollect myself, so I remember why I am doing this in the first place, and then I go back to that page.

4. Watch Light Hearted Movies

One of my favorite activities, that can be effective when relieving myself of pressure and prevents me from thinking too much, is watching light hearted movies. If I need to do something that helps me take my mind off the pressure, I turn on the TV or open my laptop and try to find movies that are clichè or light to lift up my heavy mood and spirit. For an hour and a half, I can smile or laugh, except unlike reading a novel, I tend not to think too much about the story at hand. Instead, I take in the plot, the cinematography, the location’s scenery, and even the outfits presented in the movie. Then, once the movie is done, I switch to the next film that will make my heart burst for joy.

Try to take the pressure off your mind. Slow down. Everything will be alright.


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