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Emmy Thamakison

"I think that InvisAbilities is extremely important because it not only strives to create a healthy learning environment at ISB but also extends its activities to promoting inclusivity in our global community."


Founded by a team of ISB students in 2018 InvisAbilities was created to build a sense of community between students with and without exceptionalities including Autism Spectrum Disorder and Down Syndrome at the International School of Bangkok (ISB). The creation of this community was thought to be essential to foster inclusion at ISB. To work towards building these relationships a mission was established of: Raisin Awareness, Fostering Inclusion and Making Buddies. To fulfill this mission InvisAbilities has worked with the intensive needs classroom at ISB, held an array of awareness day events, partnered with StepsWithTheera, helped out with TriKids Thailand and Junior Special Olympics Thailand, and much more. Seeing high success in the second academic semester of the 2018-2019 school year InvisAbilities hopes to reach out to other organizations, school, and institutions to establish similar InvisAbilities clubs to further develop a sense of community between those with and without exceptionalities in the greater Bangkok area and eventually around the world.  

Featured are some of the events InvisAbilities helped organize with the help of an awesome team!

Our Highlights 2018-2019:

On April 2nd InvisAbilities strived to raise awareness for Autism by passing out puzzle piece pins  and encouraging students and faculty to wear light blue


To help foster a sense of community each November InvisAbilities hosts an open mic where students can speak, sing, and express themselves and their expirences


March 21st, Global Down Syndrome day, InvisAbilities sold vibrate socks resembling the extra chromosome 21 that leads to Down Syndrome. Over 300 pairs of socks were sold with all proceeds going to StepsWithTheera.


During the annual junior special olympics InvisAbilities members spend time with participants making sure they are included in the activities


Partnered with TRIkids InivisAbilities was able to give students with exceptionalities the opportunity to compete in the annual triathlon hosted at ISB


Partnered with Steps With Theera InvisAbilities was able to host an inclusive day at ISB where Steps With Theera members were able to set up at ISB and interact with students. 


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